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A Day in the Life

The New York-based Asset Protection team leverages innovative technology and deep-dive data analytics to create external theft and internal investigation strategies that protect Macy’s profits – and create a safe, secure shopping environment for our customers. Every day’s a little different, and it’s never dull.

9:00 AM


I arrive at the store and touch base with the VPSM Store Manager to review the previous day’s incidents and audit results. After that, I greet and designate placement of our Visual Security Officer and provide a plan for today’s assigned post. Finally, I connect with the opening Asset Protection Detective to review the surveillance plan for the morning.

9:30 AM


Attend a store rally and lead the Shortage FYI Broadcast discussion with our store associates and store leaders.

10:00 AM


As the store opens, I walk through the top 5 shortage departments - selling floor and stockroom, touching base with associates and vendors working in these areas. I also walk the receiving dock, inspecting process with pride.

11:00 AM


After observing the various sections of the store, I sit down to review and analyze the latest Asset Protection Statistical Reports. I also review the COST (Cash Tracking) System for leads, as well as the current RFID information and variances.

12:00 PM


While at my desk, I perform some various administrative tasks, process awards, and approve external and recovery cases. Once I wrap that up, I continue my training checklist with any new AP staff members.

1:00 PM

Me Time

I head out to a nearby restaurant to grab a bite to eat and read another chapter on my Kindle.

2:00 PM


After lunch, I conduct an internal investigation interview and take statements; this sometimes takes a couple of hours as it covers a lot of detail and it’s important that it’s accurate.

4:00 PM


As the day begins to wind down, I work with our detectives in the camera room. I coach them on identifying suspicious behaviors, and also review any external theft issues or potential Organized Retail Crime.

5:00 PM


Once I’m done in the camera room, I conduct various audits and follow up with store partners on important audit findings. I also complete inspection of the Fine Jewelry cases and keys.

6:00 PM

End of Day

At the end of the day, I attend a store leadership turnover meeting with the selling managers, as well as touch base with the closing AP Staff and prepare for evening surveillance plans. Once I’m sure everything is in place, I commute home on the bus, working through another couple chapters of my book.

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Asset Protection

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