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The Product Development teams are a part of Macy’s Merchandising, exclusively based in New York City. A role on this team is one of the most dynamic jobs within Macy’s—primary responsibilities include conceptualizing, designing, sourcing, producing, selling and marketing Macy’s extensive and successful family of private brands.

7:30 AM

Commute to Work

On my way to work, I am constantly scanning the ground for the latest and greatest in footwear trends. I pay close attention to the shoes women are wearing, on the train, and while walking to work, and keep an eye out for great inspiration. It is interesting how you can spot the same shoe trend on several people just while walking to work!

8:15 AM

Prepare Reports

I am starting my day by pulling the selling reports from the previous week to analyze my business. We look at sales from stores and online, from a department level, class level, style level, all the way down to the SKU (color) level. I put together a report of all the best-selling styles from the week, taking into account the weekly sales and promotions that Macy’s is known for. I also research best sellers from other brands, to see what is working in the market, and share my findings with the whole shoe team.

10:30 AM

Communicate with Vendors

I am checking my emails from my vendors, and buyers. I will then touch base with my overseas teams, regarding any delivery or shipment updates. We have a 12-hour time difference with our factories and overseas offices, therefore it is very important to respond in a timely manner so we do not miss a day. One missed email can result in the shoes missing the boat!

11:30 AM

Vendor Meeting

Today, I am meeting with my vendor to approve shoe sample confirmations. We are paying close attention to the materials, colors, and execution of the pattern. We are asking questions like: Does the color match our approved swatch? Does the zipper function? If approved, we go forward with this sample. If not, we request a new sample from overseas.

12:00 PM

Time for Lunch!

The shoe team is very tight-knit, and all the product assistants have lunch together every day. We share stories about our weekends, and talk about the work we have to do for the day.

12:45 PM

Place Orders

Now, I am working in the Order Management System, inputting quantities per style and delivery month, maintaining and releasing contracts of orders that have been submitted.

2:00 PM

Pricing Meeting

I am meeting with my manager to work through every style’s cost and retail, to make sure we are reaching our markup goals. We must take into account many components when working with costing, including freight charges, advertising, and customs tax. Negotiating costs is a crucial part of product development. Every dollar counts!

3:15 PM

Prototype Review

This is one of my favorite meetings of the season! It is fascinating to see the product come alive from just a sketch to sample form. We are presenting the line to the Omni Buyers, and narrowing down the assortment to the styles we all feel strongly about. It is important to have a balance between classifications, and make sure we are fulfilling all the needs of the business, while keeping the integrity of the brand. I am making sure to take a lot of notes and pictures during this meeting to review with my team afterwards.

5:45 PM

Wrap Up the Day

By the end of the day, my desk is surrounded by a sea of shoes. I am clearing the shoe samples off my desk, and arranging them into the showroom. I making sure to separate the confirmed and non-confirmed samples, and keeping them organized by season and classification. If only my shoe closet at home was this neat…

6:15 PM

Yoga Time!

Time to trade in high heels for bare feet. Off to yoga class, to de-stress and practice some headstands. Namaste.

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