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Stores are the foundation of Macy’s, putting a face—and experience—to our brand. Needless to say, there is a lot that goes into running a Macy’s store. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Store Management team. Naturally, your day-to-day responsibilities will not be cookie-cutter.

Sales Manager Rotation

8:45 AM

Start the Day

I have my coffee in hand and am ready for a busy day at the store! On the way to my office I swing through my department where the merchandising team is busy putting out a new group of product I’m excited to check out. I pull out my tablet and review reports and analyze our business from yesterday. I’m pleased to see we surpassed our plan and last year sales!

9:15 AM

Management Team Meeting

After responding to a few emails I head upstairs to the Executive Offices for our morning meeting with the opening management team. We discuss our business from yesterday, our objectives for today, floor coverage, and upcoming special events happening in the store.

9:45 AM

Recognition Rally

This morning is our monthly recognition rally where we have the opportunity to say thank you to members of our sales and support teams that went above beyond to drive results. I was able to present two of my Sales Associates with awards recognizing their exemplary performance in customer loyalty and repeat clientele!

10:00 AM

Store Opens

The store is now open as I walk the floor to check in with my team. My full-time Associate is back today from vacation and I get to hear about his trip and fill him in on the new merchandise that’s arrived while he’s been gone. As I greet the members of my team I’m sure to mention our results from yesterday and gain commitments to ensure we exceed our sales plan for the day.

10:30 AM

Meeting with Merchandise Team Manager

I have a meeting with my Merchandise Team Manager to discuss our business. We look at how specific merchandise is selling in our store compared to the rest of the company. We walk the floor together and develop an action plan that includes moving our new goods to a more prominent location on the floor and scheduling a product knowledge seminar for my sales team.

11:00 AM

Coaching Conversation

I’ve set aside some time this morning to have coaching conversations with a few of my team members. We review the latest Scorecard which measures performance based on several key metrics. Patrick, my part-time associate, has been having a difficult time reaching his daily sales goals. I ask questions to help me understand his perspective and we collaborate on a behavioral plan to increase his results.

12:00 PM

Interview Sales Associate Candidates

I’m heading up to the Human Resources office for my scheduled interviews. I currently have an open position in my department and am hoping to find a great candidate to round out the team. I conduct interviews with two applicants to get a better understanding of their experience and qualifications for the role.

1:00 PM

Time for Lunch

The closing managers have arrived and they cover the floor while I meet up with the other openers for lunch. We always have a few laughs when we’re all able to get together. We talk about our plans for the weekend and an upcoming community service event we are planning as a management team.

2:00 PM

Meeting with District Merchant

My District Merchant stops in to discuss our preparation for this weekend’s One Day Sale. He was also an EDP a few years back and now oversees sales and merchandising for men’s apparel in all ten stores of our district. We walk the floor to check in with the team and make sure everything is set and ready for the sale.

3:15 PM

Customer Solution

I get called to Men’s Shoes for a customer solution. One of the new associates there has been unable to locate a specific pair of shoes in the customer’s size. I remind the associate of our Search & Send function that allows us to order merchandise from online or another store and ship it directly to the customer. We walk through the process together and the customer is very pleased to have found the perfect shoes for his new suit.

3:30 PM

Leadership Team Meeting

We pull together as a leadership team every afternoon to discuss our progress towards the daily goals and strategize plans for the evening shift. So far my team is 65% to sales and has opened four Star Rewards accounts—well on our way to a great day!

4:00 PM

Prepare with Vendor Partners

I’m back on the floor working alongside my team and I run into one of my vendor partners for the new merchandise that came in this morning. We discuss scheduling our product knowledge seminar and she offers to stick around this afternoon to start talking features and benefits with team. She suggests we plan an event to show off the new product to our repeat clients and we schedule a call later in the week to discuss options with the store’s Visual Manager.

4:30 PM

Celebrate Success

I overhear Patrick, the associate I coached this morning, suggest several items to add on to a customer’s purchase. I tell him what a great job he did applying our behavioral commitments from our last conversation. He pulls his stats to show me he is already 112% to his sales goal for the day!

5:30 PM

Touch Base with Store Manager

Before I get ready to head home for the day I touch base with the closers in my department to make sure they understand their objectives for the evening. I stop by my Store Manager’s office to tell him about my coaching success with Patrick and filling my open position. He’s very pleased with my updates and thanks me for all my hard work which is always nice to hear from the boss!

Merchandise Team Manager Rotation

6:30 AM

Start the Day

I start my morning reviewing yesterday’s business by analyzing reports. I’m excited to see the floor move we did last week in the Men’s Activewear department is paying off! I greet my team and get everyone started on priorities for the day.

7:15 AM

Floor Walks

I decide to walk the floor. It was a busy day yesterday and we sold through some of our best sellers in denim. I need to get in touch with my lead merchandiser to make sure we are filling in with some new merchandise that arrived on today’s truck.

8:00 AM

Sales Event Preparation

As we prepare for this week’s One Day Sale, I walk with my Store Manager to review floor placement of key promotional items and other merchandising opportunities to drive sales. This will make sure our priorities are in order before we open our doors.

8:45 AM

Senior Meeting

Now it is time to meet with the Store Manager, Visual Manager, other Merchandise Team Managers and Assistant Store Manager to review business and priorities for the week. I am excited to share the update in the Men’s department that, since our floor move, we have been trending above sales plan and last year.

9:45 AM

Recognition Rally

I attend the monthly recognition rally with my team members. I am looking forward to celebrating their productivity and their hard work on getting the floor ready for our biggest One Day Sale! They have been doing a great job to stay on track, and I appreciate all of their hard work!

10:00 AM

Touch Base with Sales Team

The store is open and as the sales teams are in place, I am walking the floor to gather feedback and to share our exciting results from last week. I want to recognize the Men’s team for having great performance in denim and touch base with Sales Manager to review how the team performed compared to the company. We discuss priorities for the week and make sure the team is off to a great start!

11:00 AM

Meet with District Merchant

My District Merchant for Men’s is in the store today and we meet to discuss 4th Quarter floor planning. Our best sellers this season have been in our private labels, so we are discussing a strategy to distort them on the floor during the busiest time of the year.

As we review sales plans for the 4th Quarter, we decide to rework some of the pads on the floor to drive sales for this upcoming One Day Sale. She shared with me that a similar store in the district saw sales climb when they consolidated slim-fit jeans to make a powerful statement on the floor. She thought we would benefit from a similar floor move since our customer also loves slim-fit styles. Time to roll up the sleeves and get working!

12:00 PM

Lunch with District Merchant

1:00 PM

Workload Planning Meeting

Next week’s truck schedule has been released! We are expecting big deliveries for Cosmetics, Men’s and Home. This is the time to distribute workload and plan scheduling for next week to ensure maximum coverage to get the new items to the floor. This will be just in time for next week’s sale. Can’t wait to see the results that come from this great product!

2:00 PM

Leadership Team Meeting

We come together as a leadership team every Tuesday to discuss our priorities for the week. Our Store Manager reviews the state of the business and each Sales Manager and Merchandise Team Manager give an update on their business and what they are working on. It is great to see the progress we have made in the last month!

3:00 PM

Wrap Up Day

As I wrap up the day, I respond to any outstanding emails and get my priorities set for one I come back in tomorrow.

District Merchant Rotation

8:45 AM

Start the Day

I am the District Merchant for Men’s Clothing and on Monday morning I start my day reviewing all of my 19 stores’ business. I look at all areas within my business and see where I am doing well and what to focus on with my stores for this week. This sets the direction of where my focus is and what stores I will be visiting throughout the week.

9:30 AM

Meet with Regional Planning Manager

I spend the next hour meeting with my Regional Planning Manager. After reviewing my stores performance and speaking to the Merchandise Team Manager in one of my stores we notice there is an inventory issue in active clothing and she jumps on this request to get us back to stock by the end of the month. We also discuss an emerging customer trend in one of our stores and with partnership with the Store Manager look to add a deeper assortment of running shorts into this store.

10:30 AM

Regional Conference Call

This call happens once a month and we review actions by the region that need to take place in the upcoming month. We review best practices for the region which gives us the opportunity to align on all fronts so that we enter this month with the same priorities and goals. My department got recognized for having the best performance in the region.

11:30 AM

Email Check

This is the time where I can check in on my emails. I had a few emails on requests on maps, questions about execution and company directive that I need to implement in my stores in the next quarter.

12:00 PM

Lunch with the District Team

After a busy morning, it is time for lunch where we catch up on everyone’s weekend and plans for the week. Always great to bond with my team members! Now I’m off to visit one of my stores this afternoon.

1:30 PM

Shop the Competition

I spend the next hour shopping the competition in the mall; I look at what is being offered, what is selling and how the floor is laid out. This helps me as I come back to Macy’s and identify what is important to the customer in this market and how she shops. This also shows me where we need to improve on our assortments and where we own the market.

2:30 PM

Walk with Store Manager

I have the opportunity to walk the Men’s floor with the Store Manager and her leadership team to identify what is working on the Men’s floor and what areas need to be improved. We take this time to review execution on the floor and I give feedback on markdowns, signing and merchandising standards. We take the time to talk about the talent in the department and where we need to focus our efforts.

3:30 PM

Vendor Meeting

One of the local vendor partners meets me in the store to talk about next season’s assortment. She shares with me all of the new product trends that will be a great fit for our customers. This will be helpful when I start to build next season’s floor plans.

4:00 PM

Final Recommendations for Store

I spend the last hour meeting with the Store Manager to review recommendations that I had from my visit. We learned that we had an opportunity with our markdowns in the clearance zone. My recommendation was to move first mark downs to a better location on the floor and to prioritize the better product in order to drive a higher sales volume. I will be measuring this by reviewing mark down sell through the following week. The Store Manager is excited to identify this opportunity.

5:00 PM

Wrap Up the Day

I spend my final 30 minutes wrapping up the day. I respond to any outstanding emails that have come through while I was on the floor and touch base with my District Vice President to let him know the recommendation I gave the Store Manager.

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