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It’s a highly diverse world out there. So it’s a highly diverse world inside Macy’s, too. We’ve made it so by intent and design, assembling a workforce that’s representative of the multicultural marketplace we serve. And we expect our advertising, in-store materials and suppliers to do the same.

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Our diverse clientele expect and deserve to see themselves reflected in our company. That’s just common sense. But, really, it’s so much more. Macy’s strongly believes a diversity of perspectives is essential to the success of the company, with the individual strengths of each associate delivering high value to the customer’s experience and advancing the corporate vision.

Think these are just words? Hardly. We’ve scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, recognizing Macy’s as a best place to work for LGBT Equality. Hispanic Business ranked Macy’s in the top 10 of their Diversity Elite list for our commitment to Hispanic hiring, promotion, marketing, philanthropy and supplier diversity—an honor backed up by the fact that racial minorities represent over 59% of our associates and 36% of management.

Altogether, it’s a level of inclusiveness that places Macy’s in some pretty exclusive company.


Macy’s commitment to diversity is given full expression in our multicultural marketing. There, through the use of evocative images, meaningful symbols and resonant language, we’re able to make our brand messages, special events and merchandise collections more relevant to each segment of our customer base.

On top of that, Macy’s works with minority- and women-owned agencies to develop campaign concepts and craft ad placements that sync with our multicultural audience. Then we put those messages out there using highly targeted media channels—reaching our diverse customers where they live, where they play, where they are.


Macy’s works with a diverse supplier base for two simple reasons: 1) it feels right; 2) it works even better. That is, giving solid support to businesses, our neighbors, that boost the economic health of our local communities is absolutely the right thing to do. But it also gives us an effective competitive edge, especially when it comes to sourcing distinctive store merchandise.

That’s why we established a Supplier Diversity Program to help us identify and support minority- and women-owned businesses. It’s working, too. In 2015 alone, our purchases from these suppliers totaled more than $1.1 billion—surpassing the billion dollar mark for the second time in a row.

And that number’s going to keep getting bigger. Because in 2011, we launched The Workshop at Macy’s, our first business development program. Its purpose? To foster growth in the next generation of minority- and women-owned merchandise suppliers.

Bottom line: Diversity pays. For everyone.

Our Commitment

Our dedication to diversity runs deep. And we back it up with a substantial commitment of dollars and experience to the recruitment, development and advancement of employees from all backgrounds, of every ethnicity.

For new hires, Macy’s training curriculum leaves no question as to our philosophy and what’s expected. Courses stress inclusion and tolerance—underlining each with the business benefits they produce. Then, once on the job, the message is kept fresh at all levels of the company with our Diversity Education, Diversity Awareness and Diversity Leadership programs.

Macy’s customers are a cross-section of all cultures and live in nearly every geographic region of America. So we see to it that each of our stores reflects and respects the differing demographics of its clientele through merchandise selections, in-store displays and advertising, even support for community events.

We actively market to diverse communities through the channels and outlets most often consumed by those communities. Not only does this more closely and effectively connect with our customers but, because such publications and media are often owned by minorities, we’re able to act on our philosophy of local community reinvestment.

At Macy’s, we live our commitment to diversity every day. We look forward to your contribution.

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